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by The Paul Rushforth Team 14. January 2011 10:07

The Mattamy Summerside in Orleans development will be coming to the Avalon area in just over a year, and will be located just south of the Portobello & Blackburn Bypass intersection.  This new development is being marketed by Mattamy as an attractive area for families who are “recreation-minded”. The neighbourhood has plans for new soccer fields, parks, nature trails, and a new community center all being built right in the development. Additionally, when considering its proximity to already established recreation areas such as Millennium Sports Field, the Mattamy Summerside in Orleans neighbourhood is going to be very attractive to younger families with active lifestyles.

The Mattamy Summerside Development in Orleans will showcase multiple styles and types of homes, ranging from the exceptionally priced Village Townhomes which are two to three bedroom row units with a single car garage, all the way to their 2417 sq ft double garage detached homes. Though this neighbourhood will attract young families who are recreation minded, it has something to offer to all families. We can’t wait to see what it looks like when they put the shovels in the ground! The sales center for the Mattamy Summerside in Orleans community is on Tenth Line just south of the Blackburn Bypass.


Location: Orleans

Type of Properties: 1100 sq ft townhomes to 2417 sq ft detached homes

Price Range: approx 200k to 400k

Best for: First time home buyers and younger families. 

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