Ottawa Real Estate Buzz - Be Prepared!

by The Paul Rushforth Team 17. May 2011 09:43

When Buying or Selling a home, it can be very inconvenient. Prepare yourself for this fact, be realistic, and the journey shall be much more tolerable and even enjoyable.

When selling your home, make sure your house is priced properly and be prepared leave for that "ever-important" showing at a moments notice. After all, those potential buyer could be "the ones". The more you give, the more you get. Have your house clean, have fresh neutral colours on your walls, de-clutter, and de-personalize. There is no better way, or more economical way, to showcase your home for minimal dollar. Chances are, you'll make it all back, and more!

As a Buyer, be prepared to move quickly with an offer should that dream home pop up for sale. Too many times we see people "sleep on it" and lose their dream home. Don't be that person! Also, as buyer, you want to make sure that your Realtor does their job and has you Pre-approved, in writing, from their lender. It will give you the upper hand in putting forth a stronger offer. After all, your Lender has given you the confidence to move forward!

Prepare yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Ottawa Real Estate Buzz - Explore Stittsville!

by The Paul Rushforth Team 9. May 2011 05:52

Stittsville was first built at the intersection of Hazeldean Road and Carp Road, which connected the villages of Richmond and Carp. It is now building as a community with many amenities increasing housing value.

Most of the small village was destroyed in a devastating fire, originating west of Ottawa, which swept through the area in 1870. The fire coincided with the opening of a railroad line from Ottawa to Carleton Place. As a result, the community was rebuilt in the area around the railway station, a mile to the south, where a number of businesses had already been set up. 

Since the extension of the Queensway in the 1970s made travel from Ottawa quicker and easier, Stittsville has experienced rapid growth; it transformed from a quiet farming community of fewer than 500 people to a suburb of 20,000, in just over 25 years. Many residents are employed in Ottawa's high-tech industry or the federal government. Further growth is expected in the near future with the development of neighborhoods such as Jackson Trails and Kanata West to its north, Fernbank to its east and south and West Ridge to its west. In the next 10 to 20 years, Stittsville's population is expected to exceed 30,000.

Location: Ottawa West

Type of Properties: Single-family detached, semi-detached, townhouses, condominium apartments

Price Range: $180,000 - $800,000

Best for: investors, retirees, young families, growing families, professionals

Ottawa Real Estate Buzz is on Alta Vista, Ottawa - The Paul Rushforth Team

by The Paul Rushforth Team 15. March 2011 06:09

The Alta Vista area is an oddly shaped region bordered by Smyth Road, St. Laurent Blvd, Walkley Road, Heron Road, Bank Street and Riverside Drive. The area is home to 10 communities which include, Applewood Acres, Billings, Canterbury, Elmvale Acres, Faircrest, Guildwood Estates, Playfair Park, Rideau Park, Urbandale and Urbandale Acres.

Alta Vista is a  vibrant area  with a rare mixture of upper to middle class citizens. This mature area boasts some of Ottawa’s most gorgeous homes, snuggled away on tiny streets; mixed with many older bungalows and newer architectural marvels. Mature trees line the streets, providing a picturesque landscape unseen in the majority of Ottawa’s urban neighbourhoods.

Alta Vista is located 15 minutes south of Ottawa’s downtown core, 10 minutes from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. The area is host to many well-known schools, including St. Patricks, Ridgemount, Hillcrest and Canterbury High School.

Many locals visit the area for numerous destination reasons. Alta Vista is home to The General Campus of the Ottawa Hospital and The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Elmvale Shopping Centre and Billings Bridge Plaza, Ottawa’s first mall, generate large amounts of traffic on the outskirts of this highly residential region.

Large amounts of green space, beautiful parks, vital amenities and dazzling homes, make Alta Vista a great area to raise a family or to retire. This area has homes that are mainly single detached, with the average cost of buying a home in the area at $400, 000.

Sandy Hill - Ottawa Real Estate - The Paul Rushforth Team

by The Paul Rushforth Team 24. January 2011 09:45

Sandy Hill is located to the east of downtown Ottawa, nestled between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River.  It is named after the hills that are predominant to the area which are caused by the river and the sandy soil.  The University of Ottawa calls Sandy Hill home as does many of the Embassies in the region. 

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Sandy Hill was Ottawa’s wealthiest neighbourhood.  It became home to the senior public servants when Ottawa became the capital of Canada.  Rockcliffe Park took over as the wealthiest area with the invention of automobiles making the city centre more accessible.  In the 1960’s the area became much denser and more middle class.  Many of the mansions became embassies and the growth of the University brought in many more students.  With this, the demographics can change on every street in Sandy Hill.  There are many very expensive homes near the Rideau River where it is very much student housing near the school. There is also a very healthy mix of English and French with large communities from Somalia, Lebanon and Haiti.  There are plenty of investment opportunities in Sandy Hill with it being a favourite location for students.

The average sale price in 2010 is $535,624 while detached homes sold for an average of $623,665. 

The Glebe - Ottawa Real Estate

by The Paul Rushforth Team 17. January 2011 10:26

The Glebe is one of Ottawa’s oldest communities commencing its establishment in 1832. The Glebe is also one of Ottawa’s first suburbs. Many of the homes in the area still have a historic visage, maintaining the authenticity of Ottawa’s heritage. The community is predominantly a working class community with many multiplex homes and just as many single detached homes. The Glebe is considered an upper class community with a prime location, minutes outside of the Ottawa’s downtown core. Some of the cities most expensive homes can be found in this community. Lansdowne Park, The Rideau Canal, Patterson Creek, Browns Inlet and Dows Lake are some of the major attractions to the community. A variety of shops and vendors line the Bank Street artery, exploiting the heart of the community and providing a window into the community’s soul. Pubs, café’s, eateries, coffee shops, butcher shops, grocery outlets, foreign and local specialty shops, classic bakeries, clothing stores, electronics stores, theatre’s all within walking distance, help keep this a tight knit community. The Glebe’s population was approximately 10,900 in 2007 and is still a growing community with a large amount of children.  The Glebe is gorgeous community desired by anyone with the interest to be in a beautiful, energetic surrounding amongst the shakers and movers in an influnential city.

The Average price for a home in the Glebe is approximately 425,000 – 450,000. 

Mattamy Homes Summerside Development - Ottawa Real Estate

by The Paul Rushforth Team 14. January 2011 10:07

The Mattamy Summerside in Orleans development will be coming to the Avalon area in just over a year, and will be located just south of the Portobello & Blackburn Bypass intersection.  This new development is being marketed by Mattamy as an attractive area for families who are “recreation-minded”. The neighbourhood has plans for new soccer fields, parks, nature trails, and a new community center all being built right in the development. Additionally, when considering its proximity to already established recreation areas such as Millennium Sports Field, the Mattamy Summerside in Orleans neighbourhood is going to be very attractive to younger families with active lifestyles.

The Mattamy Summerside Development in Orleans will showcase multiple styles and types of homes, ranging from the exceptionally priced Village Townhomes which are two to three bedroom row units with a single car garage, all the way to their 2417 sq ft double garage detached homes. Though this neighbourhood will attract young families who are recreation minded, it has something to offer to all families. We can’t wait to see what it looks like when they put the shovels in the ground! The sales center for the Mattamy Summerside in Orleans community is on Tenth Line just south of the Blackburn Bypass.


Location: Orleans

Type of Properties: 1100 sq ft townhomes to 2417 sq ft detached homes

Price Range: approx 200k to 400k

Best for: First time home buyers and younger families. 

Jackson Trails, Ottawa Real Estate - The Paul Rushforth Team

by The Paul Rushforth Team 28. December 2010 07:27

Jackson Trails is a newer neighbourhood in Stittsville, Ontario; a suburb of Ottawa.  Conveniently located off Hazeldean Road, Jackson Trails was Canada’s first ever new home community of fully Energy Star qualified new homes, by respected builders Tamarack and Tartan.  This means that all homes built at Jackson Trails by both builders are Energy Star qualified to save homeowners up to 30% on home energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment.  Jackson Trails is a well planned community, featuring parks, playgrounds and pathways for it's residents to enjoy, as well as a location convenient to shopping and services, even if you don't have a car.  Scotiabank Place, shopping, schools, and transit services are all nearby as well, making this a great place to call home.  Jackson Trails also has a partnership with Wildlife Habitat Canada, which assisted in planning natural buffer zones that protect the community from traffic noise and wind while providing habitat for wildlife.   This also allows this suburban community to feel more park-like; great for young families to explore on neighbourhood walks.  You can find a wide array of home types and models, whether you’re a first-time buyer just starting out, a growing family looking for more space, or empty-nesters looking to downsize, there is something for everyone at Jackson Trails.

Location: Jackson Trails, Stittsville
Type of Properties: single family homes, bungalows, townhomes, condominiums
Price Range: $205k-$630K 
Best for: young families, professionals, downsizers

Centertown, Ottawa Real Estate - The Paul Rushforth Team

by The Paul Rushforth Team 22. December 2010 08:25

In the heart of Ottawa, Centretown is bustling. Main roads in the area include Bank Street, Elgin Street and Gladstone Avenue, which are packed with amazing restaurants and great shops full of goods that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.  Whalesbone, The Manx, Fresco Bistro Italiano and The Atomic Rooster are just a few of the tantalizing restaurants worth checking out.

This well established community is great for those who enjoy walking to local conveniences, there are many grocery stores, banks and drug stores all steps from anywhere in the area.  Centretown is also home to the Museum of Nature, Jack Purcell Park, The Sens Mile and many embassies, including: The Republic of Croatia, Iran, Iraq, the Republic of Madagascar, the High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Rwanda, the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the Republic of Hungary.

The housing is a mix of single family homes, condominiums and high rise apartment buildings. The average sale price of a single family home in 2010 in Centretown is $489,303 and the average sale price of a condo in Centretown is $341,330.


The Power of Social Media and the Kindness of Strangers

by The Paul Rushforth Team 20. December 2009 17:55

I recently joined Twitter on the recommendation of a friend of mine, Kelli Catana (@kellidaisy).  I was a little skeptical at first about Twitter but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it.  I have made some great connections with people and have discovered a lot interesting people and businesses in my community.  But it was just recently that I discovered how powerful Twitter can really be and how generous of a community it really is.

Our office recently signed on to be part of The Ottawa Food Bank Drive Away Hunger Campaign.  As we were nearing the end of the campaign I was a little disappointed to see that we had no one drop any donations off to the office.  Our office manager Jocelyne (@jocelynewhite) was going to purchase a donation on behalf of our office but we were really hoping that our community would help out as well so we could make a large donation to the Food Bank.  That was when Twitter saved the day!

I had taken to Twitter to appeal to my local followers that we were looking for donations when Shawna (@ParlezShawna) the local Parlez Wireless Telus rep tweeted that Parlez Wireless wanted to make a donation.  Awesome!  But that wasn't all.  It seemed that Boston Pizza Orleans (@BPOrleans) was hosting a tweet up for local twitterers and one of the participants, Laurie St. Julien (@lauriestj) suggested that they turn the tweet up into a food drive!  Local photographer Cherie-Lynn Buchanan (@CLBuchananPhoto) then agreed to raffle off the chance to win a free mini-session for anyone who brought a minimum of 5 food items for donation.  Leslie from Boston Pizza then added an additional $25 gift certificate as well.   By the end of the tweet up, 10 different twitterers has each brought in a generous donation for our office food drive! Laurie and Candace Derickx, the owners of The Best Tools for Schools even went so far as to provide a few cases of food!

So at the end of the day our office was able to provide a generous donation to the Ottawa Food Bank to help those in our community who are in need this holiday season.  I would like to give a big thank you to the following people from twitter for their generous donations; @ParlezShawna, @LisaLarter, @LaurieStJ, @bitofmomsense, @BPOrleans, @Kellidaisy, @Sheila_gh, @LiteMochaMom, @MrsLoulou, @GlidingLara, @CandaceDX, @CLBuchananPhoto.  So thank you to these people and thank you to Twitter for allowing me to make these connections! 

On behalf of my entire team I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season!



Is Now the Time to Downsize?

by The Paul Rushforth Team 9. December 2009 15:45

Baby boomers and empty nesters are now looking to sell their homes and downsize for the future. Could this affect the value of your large sized family home?

When looking at the market and speaking to many of the baby boomers out there, it seems that their homes are getting too big for them as their children move out.  After speaking to at least a dozen baby boomers many think that its time to sell their current home in order to downsize to a bungalow or a home more fitting for a couple.  But what will happen to the millions of homes in Canada that were built specifically for these baby boomers with oversized families?

The market has had a large shift in what a family is looking for now. Newer type homes look more attractive to young buyers and having 4-6 bedrooms seems to be a thing of the past, at least for younger couples and new home buyers. Within the next 10 years its possible that we could see a large influx of properties for sale that are made for very large families. Could that affect the price of your home in the future when selling it? It sure is something to think about. If you're thinking of downsizing, now just might be the right time as homes have kept their values and have risen in price. Don't hesitate to move and get the equity you have in your home before the market sees an influx of larger homes on the market!


Roger Dagenais

Sales Representative

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