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by The Paul Rushforth Team 13. December 2010 05:05

If you are thinking of buying a piece of Ottawa Real Estate, it is important that you know the neighborhoods this vast city has to offer.  Convent Glen is a mature area of Orleans bordering the south banks of the Ottawa River. Convent Glen is located north of Highway 174 and west of Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard. With a majority of the neighbourhood built in the 1980’s, the area contains a broad range of properties including condo buildings, terrace homes, townhomes as well as detached properties. In common to all these types of properties is the how easy it is to distinguish the area regardless of property type as a mature area of Orleans filled with desirable traits such as trees, parks, and established amenities such as the Convent Glen Mall, and multiple schools. The two high schools within one kilometre of each other, St. Matthew High School and Carine Wilson High School, serve as the primary catholic and public high schools respectively to not only Convent Glen, but neighbouring areas as well. Just within Convent Glen’s borders is the Orleans Park & Ride, and within a two minute walk is Place D’Orleans with its accompanying bus station, making it very accessible for students and commuters to get downtown and across the city.


Location: North West in Orleans
Type of Properties: broad – ranging from terrace homes to detached triple garage.
Price Range: approx 175k to 550k
Best for: families, young and mature. 

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